Best Practices, Student Care

Multiplying Student Engagement for Commuter/Off-Campus Students

By Bradley Milks, Eric Fehr

CC image "Taylor University Silent Night Game" courtesy of Jim Garringer on Flickr. Many students disconnect when ending their on-campus residency. Commuter ...

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Trend Spotting, Best Practices

International Academic Partnerships as an Effective Internationalization Strategy

By James Gieser

CC Image "Euler Science Complex Construction - Taylor University..." courtesy of Jim Garringer on Flickr. Higher education institutions face more pressures ...

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Best Practices, Student Care

Problem-Solving and Self-Authorship

By Chris Kirk

CC image "Taylor University Track and Field Three Way Meet" courtesy of Jim Garringer on Flickr. As I am sure many student development professionals can ...

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Student Development Disciplines, Student Care

Coach Approach: Implementing Coaching Strategies in Student Development

By Isaac Bryan

CC Image "Taylor University Volleyball" courtesy of Jim Garringer on Flickr. What do our students need when it comes to our one-on-one meetings with them? If ...

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Student Development Disciplines

Innovation for the Common Good: Entrepreneurship and Student Affairs

By Jeff Aupperle

CC image "Taylor University CubeSat/Small Satellite" courtesy of Jim Garringer on Flickr. In 2011, the Kauffman Foundation—the leading think-tank on ...

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Christian Faith

Winter Trees

By Amy VanDerWerf

Wisdom comes with winters.  Oscar Wilde As a native Minnesotan, winter has always been a significant part of my life.  Growing up, winters ...

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