Best Practices, Student Care

3 Foundational Principles in Student Mediation

By Brian Gertler

Entry-level Student Development employees often have the tools and some experiences to feel confident in approaching student conflict and mediation, but...

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Professional Development

Life After Residence Life

By Lacy Tannous

I began my time as a Resident Director with no end in sight. It was a dream come true to work in Student Life at my alma mater, and while I did not deny the...

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Spiritual Formation, Student Care

5 Things You Should Know Before You Send Your Kid to College

By Jennifer Jukanovich

The following piece was originally published online with Christianity Today Twenty-seven years ago this month, my mother dropped me off at Gordon...

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Best Practices, Professional Development

The Art of Saying Goodbye in a Culture of See You Later

By Jessica Fankhauser

I remember towards the end of a semester long study abroad trip in college when I read the beginning of John 13. Not the well-read section on Jesus washing...

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Best Practices

Part III: Practical Implementation

By Eric Fehr, Katie Caltagarone

Where We Were *Please see Part I and Part II for an explanation of the reason for a bioecological model of student development and a framework of the...

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Student Development Disciplines

FORM: A Vision for Transformative Leadership

By Timothy Ferret

As a supervisor of para-professional staff, I have often encountered difficulty in vision-casting for my Resident Assistants at the beginning of the year...

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