Spiritual Formation

Caring For Words in a Culture of [Political] Lies

By Drew Moser

In mere weeks the citizens of the United States will head to the polls and cast their votes for our next president (and a whole host of other state and local ...

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Best Practices

Part I: Commuter Students: Why a Community Development Model is Needed

By Bradley Milks, Eric Fehr, Katie Caltagarone

Every person was designed by God with the purpose and intention of being in community.  Ecclesiastes points out that, “Two are better than one, ...

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Best Practices

A Focus on Focus Week

By Daniel Clapp, Lyndsay Grimm, Jane Wilson

To strengthen both academic and co-curricular efforts, our Student Life Division at Westmont College selects an educational emphasis each year that ...

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Professional Development

Practical Resources for Program Assessment in Student Development

By Shawnda Freer

“Assessment” – that dreaded word.  It implies statistics, spreadsheets, and summaries – all of which imply more work.  As ...

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