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Approaching Other Religions with a Neighborly Faith

By Kevin Singer

All of these exciting new experiences were accompanied by new questions that I couldn’t ignore. What did it mean for me, as an evangelical Christian, to...

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Current Issues, Stories

Student Development Responses to Campus Gun Violence

By Josh Roberts

Three ways that student development professionals can help care for and protect their campus.

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Resources & People

How Should Student Development Staff Engage with Black History Month?

By Ted Cockle, Maliek Blade

Black History Month has come to mean much more than a celebration of Douglass or Lincoln and it’s important for Christian student development professionals...

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Resources & People, Best Practices

Three Important Questions to Ask Students This Semester

By Josh Roberts

Amidst the fun and festivities of the early part of this semester, I hope you will set aside some time to help your students think through these three...

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Best Practices

Towards Imagination & Effectiveness: A Letter from the Editor

By Ted Cockle

The new year has sparked some exciting developments for Ideas. Our hope is that Ideas would become—through brief and thoughtful discussions—a hub for...

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Research & Reviews

Theory as Healer

By Johann Ducharme

A look at the world of student development through various research paradigms provides new insight into the nature and purposes of our work.

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