Resources & People

How to Conference Without Conferencing this Summer

By Ted Cockle

If this were a normal year, we, the nation’s Christian student development professionals, would be in the midst of our annual conference—our...

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Best Practices

Three Ways to Reorient New Student Orientation

By Andrew Lehr

Author Note: I wrote this article well before the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, and as I edit it now, I realize that many of the suggestions I make are...

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Faith & Work, Current Issues

A Prayer of Lament for Spring 2020

By Bill Kuhn

Like so many campuses, our college recently held a public live stream chapel to communicate to our learning community. At this event, I offered the...

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Current Issues

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Four Recommendations as You Prepare for the Rest of the Semester

By Ted Cockle

With so many campuses taking action to limit social interaction, what does the rest of the semester look like for those of us whose work depends on social...

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Research & Reviews

What is a Research Grant? And other Questions about ACSD Research Grants

By Ted Cockle

The ACSD Scholarship team announces a new process for awarding research grants

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Faith & Work

Boats on the Water: A Reflection from the Mid-Level Professionals Retreat

By Eric Fehr

Higher Education, particularly Christian Higher Education, is amid a storm. The past three weeks have brought this back into focus for me as many of us have...

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