Professional Development

Practical Resources for Program Assessment in Student Development

By Shawnda Freer

“Assessment” – that dreaded word.  It implies statistics, spreadsheets, and summaries – all of which imply more work.  As ...

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Christian Faith

Winter Trees

By Amy VanDerWerf

Wisdom comes with winters.  Oscar Wilde As a native Minnesotan, winter has always been a significant part of my life.  Growing up, winters ...

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Best Practices

Developing Vocational Soft Skills

By Kendall Stanislav

A student development response to the It Takes More Than A Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success report from the AAC&U.

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Best Practices, Professional Development

Book Clubs as a Best Practice

By Peter Roeth

While not all book clubs are as idealistic (or controversial) as Oprah’s, reading books collectively holds incredible value for Student Affairs personnel.

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Best Practices

Student Affairs and Technology

By Rick Muthiah

Student Affairs professionals utilize various forms of technology every day, whether email, texting, word processing, Facebook, Twitter, or smartphones.

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