Research & Reviews

What is a Research Grant? And other Questions about ACSD Research Grants

By Ted Cockle

The ACSD Scholarship team announces a new process for awarding research grants

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Faith & Work

Boats on the Water: A Reflection from the Mid-Level Professionals Retreat

By Eric Fehr

Higher Education, particularly Christian Higher Education, is amid a storm. The past three weeks have brought this back into focus for me as many of us have...

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Research & Reviews

Missoula: Lessons Learned for Responding to Sexual Assault

By Britney Graber

Eight lessons to inform how we respond to students who have experienced sexual assault.

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Research & Reviews

Research Update: Christ Enlivening Student Affairs

By Ted Cockle, elijah jeong, Britney Graber, Perry Glanzer

Last year, ACSD provided our team with a research grant to explore how the Christian faith animates student affairs practice. We wanted to share a brief...

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Best Practices

The Anatomy of a Successful Muslim-Evangelical Campus Event

By Kevin Singer

As we imagine new ways of going about our work, Kevin Singer, co-founder of Neighborly Faith shares how a recent interfaith dinner was conceptualized and...

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Resources & People

Campus Life: In Search of Community

By Drew Moser, Ted Cockle

An interview with Drew Moser, co-editor of a newly expanded edition of Boyer's classic, "Campus Life"

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