Best Practices, Professional Development

The Art of Saying Goodbye in a Culture of See You Later

By Jessica Fankhauser

I remember towards the end of a semester long study abroad trip in college when I read the beginning of John 13. Not the well-read section on Jesus washing...

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Best Practices

Part III: Practical Implementation

By Eric Fehr, Katie Caltagarone

 Photo provided by Liberty University Office of Student Life. Where We Were *Please see Part I and Part II for an explanation of the reason for a...

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Student Development Disciplines

FORM: A Vision for Transformative Leadership

By Timothy Ferret

As a supervisor of para-professional staff, I have often encountered difficulty in vision-casting for my Resident Assistants at the beginning of the year...

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Professional Development

Learning in War-Time: The Importance of Professional Development during the Semester

By Ted Cockle

My desk is currently covered with stacks of paper. Event requests and charter applications for approval, notes from and for student meetings, reference...

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Best Practices

Part II: A Useful Model to Impact Off-campus Community

By Bradley Milks, Eric Fehr, Katie Caltagarone

Ecological Theory Over the past year, we have worked hard to build a community environment using Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Model of Human...

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Spiritual Formation

Caring For Words in a Culture of [Political] Lies

By Drew Moser

In mere weeks the citizens of the United States will head to the polls and cast their votes for our next president (and a whole host of other state and...

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