Professional Development

Reflections on Transitioning From an Entry-level Role to a Mid-level Administrator

By Anonymous Author

CC image "Campus Reflections" courtesy of Jim Nix on Flickr. I started my first mid-level position about a year ago. Before being hired, I was one of the ...

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Professional Development

Beyond Double Secret Probation: Christians in College Student Development

By Michael Hammond

CC image "University College" courtesy of Lawrence OP on Flickr. This article was originally posted on the Religion in American History blog ...

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Best Practices, Professional Development

Book Clubs as a Best Practice

By Peter Roeth

While not all book clubs are as idealistic (or controversial) as Oprah’s, reading books collectively holds incredible value for Student Affairs personnel.

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Best Practices

Student Affairs and Technology

By Rick Muthiah

Student Affairs professionals utilize various forms of technology every day, whether email, texting, word processing, Facebook, Twitter, or smartphones.

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Student Development Disciplines

Career Services: The Student Development Outlier

By Drew Moser

Career Services (also known as Career Development, along with a number of other derivatives) holds an interesting and tenuous place in student development.

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Christian Faith

Ministry and Mundane

By Steve Conn

Does God divide the our weekly schedule into "real ministry" and "busywork?" Does He secretly value some of our jobs more than others?

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