Hot Topics in Disability Services: Current legal trends for suicidal students and emotional support animals on college campuses


    Jon Abernathy

    Jon Abernathy, Director for Disability Services, Union University, and doctoral candidate for Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership.

    Luke Pruett, Dual degree student in Law (J.D.) and Political Science (M.A.) at University of Memphis Law School

    Date and Time: 

    Recorded Monday, January 26th, 2015

    Webinar Details: 

    Disability services in higher education has a fluid and ever changing legal landscape. Since 2011, new legal actions have impacted how colleges and universities serve students with disabilities. Specifically, the regulations surrounding suicidal students and emotional support animals (ESA) in a residence halls complexes.

    You will learn:

    • The basics of the ADA and Section 504 federal laws.
    • About changes in direct threat regulations.
      • How the FERPA can be a tool for supporting suicidal students.
      • What did the laws say and what do they say now?
      • What are your options as an administrator?
    • How to effectively approve and manage ESA’s.
      • Understand the legal background of ESA’s.
      • What documentation can you require for an ESA?
      • Frequently asked questions for managing an ESA on campus.

    Jon Abernathy and Luke Pruett have a combined 17 years of higher education experience, from academic support programs, admissions, disability services, and residence life. This webinar will provide higher education administrators with a survey of two hot topics in disability services. Specifically, participants will gain a better understanding of how to stay compliant with federal regulations and guidance, while working with limited resources on smaller campuses.


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