What is a Research Grant? And other Questions about ACSD Research Grants

By Ted Cockle

    To announce a few updates to the research grant process, we on the scholarship team thought it would be a good time answer a few questions about the grants we offer—starting with the most basic.

    What is a Research Grant?

    A research grant is a sum of money given to a researcher to conduct his/her research.  These funds are most often utilized to cover costs for travel, interview transcription, and other costs incurred along the way of gathering and presenting data.

    Why does ACSD Award research grants?

    ACSD is committed to scholarship and research that contributes to the field of student development, higher education, and the professional development of the membership. To encourage such endeavors from both scholars and practitioners, the ACSD Executive committee has established a research grant program for use by the membership.

    On what basis are the applications evaluated?

    The proposed studies will be evaluated based on

    • the quality of contribution to the ACSD membership and the membership's knowledge base;
    • the contribution to the professional development of the member-researcher;
    • the quality, soundness, and feasibility of the research methodology;
    • and finally, on the reasonableness of the budget.
    How much money could I actually get?

    It depends.  Grant amounts typically range from $300-700 with a maximum amount of $750 and are dependent upon the demonstrated need.  It is expected that unused funds are returned to the association.

    Am I eligible to apply for a research grant?

    Are you a current member of ACSD?  Are you able to commit to sharing your research findings at the annual conference and/or in the Growth Journal?  If so, then yes you are eligible to apply.

    How Do I Apply for a research grant?

    The ACSD leadership team has just approved a change to the way we distribute research grants.  In order to provide more equitable access to our grant funds, rather than a first come first served approach, the association will now accept applications for grants in two funding cycles, fall and spring. 

    Those interested in applying for the ACSD Research Grant must complete the application in one of two funding cycles each year:

    Funding Cycle I:

    • Applications accepted Jan 1-April 1
    • Applications reviewed: April 1-May 1
    • Announcement/disbursement of funds: May 1-June 1

    Funding Cycle II:

    • Applications accepted: July 1-Oct 1
    • Applications reviewed: Oct 1-Dec 1
    • Announcement/disbursement of funds: Dec 1-Dec 31 

    To apply or for more information visit our research grant website.


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