ACSD Statement on Race, Reconciliation, and the Kingdom of God

As we observe the recent events surrounding the unjust and tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others, we grieve deeply for the families of these individuals and for our world without them. We acknowledge the hurt and sorrow these events and others like them have caused our nation and communities. We grieve as an Executive Committee over the pain that our colleagues and students of color are feeling. We know with confidence that any acts of racism, violence, and injustice are inconsistent with the character of God. We live in a fallen world and repent for our actions that have allowed evil and the consequences of sin to continue in a systemic way.

Scripture makes clear that God cares for the oppressed and marginalized. As Christians, we must proclaim the message of Christ’s redemption and reconciliation to the world. We are to be ministers of peace, proclaiming Christ’s offer of grace and mercy and working diligently to restore God’s rule and reign within His creation.

Our Association seeks to promote the priorities of the Kingdom of God, in which the imago Dei-inspired dignity of each person is honored and godly justice is implemented. We commit to offering opportunities for dialogue and education around topics of diversity and race through our year-round professional development opportunities and our annual conference. Led by our Diversity Leadership Team and with the support of national partners such as the Rodney Sisco Symposium and ReNew Partnerships, we will engage in critical conversations and initiatives that promote a culturally competent environment. We will continue to work toward an Association that reflects the breadth and depth of God’s creation and in which everyone feels welcome, respected, and celebrated.

As members of ACSD, we must all work to become “faith-full” witnesses through authentic, consistent, and committed action that is Christ-centered, servant-oriented, and wrapped in love. We know that members of our Association family are hurting and vulnerable. We encourage everyone in the ACSD community to support our colleagues and friends of color by speaking out and taking action to end systemic racism. There is far more that unites us than divides us, and we need each other now more than ever.
May the love of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the peace of God that passes understanding abide with us now and pervade the nations!

The ACSD Executive Committee - June 2020

Corey Ross, President
Kristy Morgan, President-Elect
Kevin Villegas, Diversity Chair
Drew Moser, Scholarship Chair
Kim Stave, Professional Development Chair
Jason Stephens, Business and Administration Chair
Jonathan Yorkowitz, Outreach and Engagement Chair