2020 Conference

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June 1-4, 2020 


Restore | Reconcile | Reach out

Each year at the annual conference, ACSD provides many opportunities for fellowship, learning, research presentations, and effective job search and placement. The ACSD 2020 Conference will be held June 1-4, at LeTourneau University, Longview, Texas.

This year’s conference theme is “Good Work.” We all understand that work in higher education can be difficult, and we rarely if ever feel like we have truly “completed” our work with students. But the work we do is of inherent value. Through plenary sessions, workshops, collaboratives, and relationships, we will explore ways we can join in God’s work of restoration.

Our work in student affairs, and the work we equip students to do, is a holy calling that joins in God’s redemptive work of restoring a fallen world and building the Kingdom of God. We are encouraged to consider how all our work, both individually and corporately, joins with God’s work of restoration. Our keynote sessions will explore:

  • the good work of restoring community through reconciliation, both in education and in practice

  • the good work of restoring relationships and understanding our shared humanity through empathy, conversation, and presence

  • the good work of restoring our students and communities to a state of flourishing through care for their mental and emotional health

  • the good work of reaching out and building bridges and supportive structures for students who may not yet feel like our college is “home” to them.

ACSD 2020 - Good Work from LeTourneau University on Vimeo.