Senior Director of Student Thriving & Success

At Bluefield College


Hours: Full Time

The Senior Director of Student Thriving & Success is the senior administrative leader responsible for coordinating strategies that promote student thriving and success. The person in this role will be responsible for coordinating college-wide retention efforts, including championing the early alert and intervention process, and chairing the Student Success Committee. Additionally, this person will collaborate with the Offices of Enrollment Management and Student Development to ensure a seamless transition for new students to the Bluefield College experience.

The essential duties of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Manage the institution’s Retention Module, including
• Champion the Early Alert Process, which identifies at-risk students early and coordinates care and support when it is most likely to make a difference.
• Develop and coordinate strategies and interventions to help at-risk students thrive and succeed.
• Providing training and support for faculty and staff personnel who use the Early Alert System.
2. Coordinate and lead the Student Success Committee by
• Collaborate with various offices/departments across campus to identify retention challenges, compile and analyze relevant data, and execute strategies that remove barriers to student persistence and success.
• Work with the Registrar and Institutional Effectiveness Offices to provide reports and available data in order to make retention recommendations to College leadership.
3. Collaborate with the Offices of Enrollment Management & Student Development to coordination and execute First-Year Experience (FYE) strategies, such as programming efforts during New Student Orientation and Summer RAM Days.
4. Maintain robust assessment processes pertaining to the effectiveness of retention services as prescribed in the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Annual Review policies.
5. Model caring relationships with students through personal interaction and as an effective role model of a Christian life.
6. Comply with all rules, policies, and procedures as established by Bluefield College.
7. Committee work, assignments, and other duties as assigned by the Associate Vice President for Student Development.