Residence Life Intern (3 Openings) ** Interviewing at ACSD Conference

At Crown College


Salary Range: $6000.00

Hours: 15-20 per week

Part Time, 12 month position, 15-20 hours a week, start August 2019

On a narrower scope than a full time Resident Director the Residence Life Intern is responsible for the coordination and development of the total residence program within his or her living area. He or she is the main facilitator in the planning and implementation of a meaningful residence life experience for students and Resident Assistants. The Resident Life Intern serves as educator, minister and mentor with a developmental philosophy, committed to helping residential students bridge their academic and interpersonal worlds.

Priorities include: general planning and work towards the fulfillment of the goals and objectives of Student Development; general counseling and discipleship with residential students; living area programming; committee involvement; and Resident Assistant staff selection, supervision, training and development. Interns, with the Resident Assistants as support staff, intentionally plan a living-learning program that emphasizes the development of intentional community. Interns report to the Dean of Students.

Live in position, on-campus apartment provided on a rent free basis, 7 meal per week meal plan provided when food service is available.

Interns must be accepted into and enroll in a Master's program at Crown beginning in the Fall 2019. They may choose a Master's program and must select a concentration in Higher Education. They must maintain a full time graduate student credit load and satisfactory grades to continue as an intern. There is no tuition reimbursement.


Leadership of Staff - The Resident Life Intern is responsible to supervise and develop the Residence Life staff in the effective fulfillment of their responsibilities. The Resident Life Intern will:
• Participate in the selection of Resident Assistants and Assistant Resident Life Interns.
• Orient staff to expectations, policies and procedures.
• Conduct regularly scheduled individual and staff meetings and one off-campus staff retreat.
• Provide for the professional and personal development and evaluation of staff.
• Plan and implement all phases of RA Training.
• Understand and communicate the rationale for Crown College regulations.
• Support, and not openly disagree, with Crown College regulations.

Involvement with Students - The Resident Life Intern is responsible to create an environment conducive to individual student growth. The Resident Life Intern will:
• Assist RAs with programming that reflects the core values of Residence Life.
• Develop a familiarity with resident's individual needs directly, or through the Resident Assistant.
• Establish visibility, availability, and approachability.
• Advise and counsel students as requested, or needed, and make appropriate referrals.
• Confront, counsel, and take an active role in the student discipline process.
• Utilize meal plan provided to periodically eat meals with students and/or faculty and staff.
• Inform the Vice President and provide the appropriate written and verbal behavioral data relevant to administering guidance and discipline.
• Maintain appropriate relational boundaries; does not enter into social dating relationships with students.
• Attend Crown College chapel.
• Attend all major Residence Life events.

Administration - The Resident Life Intern is responsible for maintenance of the residence halls and their functions. The Resident Life Intern will:
• Manage the use and upkeep of all rooms and services within the residence halls.
• Prepare the halls for the opening of the school year.
• Coordinate custodial and maintenance needs to facilities personnel and/or housing, and monitor progress.
• Assume direct responsibility for residence hall budgets.
• Work with Housing regarding room change, and other housing programs as directed by the Vice President/Dean.
• Be on-call, as duty schedule dictates.
• Close halls at the end of the year.
• Maintain regular posted office hours.
• Assist the Vice President/Dean as directed.

Professional and Personal Growth - The Resident Life Intern is responsible to participate in professional growth and training opportunities. The Resident Life Intern will:
• Attend Residence Life staff meetings as directed, to participate in Residence Life planning as well as staff development opportunities.
• Schedule regular individual meetings with the Vice President.
• Attend at least one professional conference, or event, per year.
• Participate in an on-going mentoring relationship with a more experienced Christian professional.
• Spend 2 hours each week away from campus for a time of personal soul care.

• Candidates should exhibit leadership ability, helping skills, conflict resolution and organizational ability.
• Be in agreement with the Crown College Statement of Faith and Community Covenant.

• Mobility that allows on-going interaction with students
• Able to lift and carry loads of at least 25 pounds
• Able to sit and counsel/mentor students for at least 45 minutes per session
• Physically able to drive college vans
• Able to stay up late (1 AM or so) and still conduct office hours and meetings the next day)

• Bachelor’s degree in a related field
• At least two years’ experience in residential leadership (RA or ARD)
• College experience in a like-minded Christian college or university

• Two years’ experience in a Christian college or university residential setting