Resident Director (anticipated opening)

At Grace College


Hours: Full Time, 10 month

The Residence Life team at Grace College is committed to a unified vision for a diverse campus community. The Resident Director (RD) is a part of a collaborative team who seeks to implement our vision: "Grace College Residence Life aspires to see a God-honoring community where every student can fully live, learn, and serve in healthy spaces characterized by authentic relationships, deepening spirituality, and both intentional action and reflection." We are currently anticipating 1-2 openings on our staff for the 2018-2019 school year. The position is a full-time, live-in, 10-month professional position that reports directly to the Director of Residence Life.

Leadership Development:
1. Responsible to meet with Director of Residence Life(weekly or bi-weekly).
2. Attend monthly departmental meetings (when applicable).
3. Attend and participate in the weekly Residence Life staff and Friday wrap-up meeting.
4. Make efforts to attend all (3) chapel services each week (2 required).
5. Facilitate Resident Assistant discipleship/staff meetings.
6. Work with up to ten Resident Assistants in regular one-on-one accountability and/or discipleship as well as floor management.
7. Supervise and mentor 1 Assistant Resident Director (part-time Graduate Assistant).
8. Establish care taking for Resident Assistants (room visitations, etc.).
9. Assist in overseeing Growth Groups and discipleship in the residence hall.
10. Help plan and facilitate Growth Group Huddles monthly. Take part in hall programming and assessment as directed by Director or Residence Life or the Dean of Students.
11. Assist in teaching or training as requested by Director of Residence Life.

Student Conduct:
1. Responsible for dealing with residence hall conduct in association with departmental policy and coordination with the Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Students.
2. Investigate conduct issues in the residence halls in conjunction with Resident Assistants, Assistant Resident Director, and Director of Residence Life.
3. Responsible for documentation and all necessary paperwork as well as follow through after consequences are determined.
4. May be asked to be a part of formal student conduct meetings with the Dean of Students or Director of Residence Life.

1. Twenty-four hour on-call (live in: late night problems, hospital visits, etc.).
2. Works on-call an average of one week per month.
3. Paperwork: Documentation and necessary accountability sheets.
4. Responsible for handling residence hall programming events and management at open hours (in conjunction with the Resident Assistants).
5. Housing – The RD may assist in placing students in the residence halls. Once on campus, the RD oversees any room changes as well as being in charge of the housing selection process in conjunction with the Dean of Chapel & Community Life.
6. Leads in the Resident Assistant/Growth Group Leader selection yearly.
7. Plan and participate in the fall and spring Resident Assistant Retreats.
8. Coordinates and supervises the opening and closing of the residence halls; be available as needed during vacation periods (i.e. Fall Break, Spring Break) when on-campus housing is available for students even though residence halls are closed.
9. Be an active participant in both spring and fall student orientation.
10. Plan and oversee hall programming.
11. Oversee at least one Residence Life Project Task Force each year and participate in an additional Task Force.

Ministry to Residents:
1. Be available to students for the purpose of relationship building.
2. Spend significant hours each semester interacting with residential students (contact time).
3. Invoke confidentiality with great care and discernment.
4. Develop a consistent biblical view of the nature of people and their needs as a foundation for understanding of and compassion for students.
5. Assist in departmental efforts to assimilate first-year students and retain students through academic, social, and relational means.

1. Bachelor’s degree with student/residence life experience.
2. Organized, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and have computer knowledge and experience with database programs and word processing such as Microsoft Office.
3. Must be highly organized.
4. Vision for discipleship and leadership development.
5. Should possess excellent managerial, problem solving and conflict-resolution skills.
6. Must enjoy students and have a mindset of mentoring student employees under supervision.
7. Should be able to lead in a way that sets a good example.
8. Should be a highly self-motivated, positive individual with outgoing, likeable personality and excellent social skills.
9. Needs to have a team-player mentality and be flexible since living quarters are near and among students in a residential setting.
10. Must be a good listener, able to sift through questions and address issues in a relevant way.
11. Communicates effectively one to one, in small groups, and in public speaking contexts.

1. Master Degree in student development or related field.
2. Two (2) years experience in student/residence life or related field

To apply, please contact our Human Resources office at