CARE Director

At Liberty University


Hours: Full Time

The Director is responsible to oversee the operations of the CARE Team, including the CARE Coordinator and Case Manager. The Director acts as proxy for the CARE Chair (the Associate Dean of Students). The Director will have primary responsibility for threat assessment and management of the emergency response protocol. The Director is responsible for coordinating threat assessment using industry standard tools (SIVRA35, RAGE-V)
The CARE team exists to promote the safety and well-being of the university community. The CARE team reviews concerning behaviors over time and identify patterns, trends, and disturbances in individual behavior. The CARE team collaborates as a group of dedicated professionals to assess the needs of students with concerning behavior(s) in order to provide resources to empower students for holistic success.
The Director for the CARE (Collaborate Assess Resource Empower) Team is responsible to keep the CARE Chair up to date on all cases being reviewed by the CARE and any issues pertaining to campus safety and/or at risk student behavior.
The Director is responsible to assist the Associate Dean of Students and the Dean of Students in whatever areas deemed necessary. In the absence of the Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Students, he/she fulfills all assigned duties. The Director is to be aware and able to report on any personal, physical, or emotional problems involving students as it relates to the responsibilities of the CARE Team. The Director will conduct training and informational opportunities for CARE members and the Liberty University campus at large.
The Director will work in collaboration with the Associate Director for CARE to meet with students as representatives of the CARE team. The Director will be required to carry a case load of students to meet with. The meetings generally focus on understanding/addressing concerning behaviors and facilitating conversations guided towards holistic student success.

1. Provide oversight for the CARE Team, including the Coordinator and Case Manager to ensure standard of the industry function for the CARE Team.
2. Organize and conduct training for the CARE members
3. Organize and develop informational opportunities to educate the campus community on the purpose and practice of the CARE Team at the University
4. Develop and distribute reports, forms, and educational materials, and assist the Dean of Students Office and others to develop workshops and online modules related to communication skills, respectful feedback, and managing stress and conflict
5. Coordinate learning outcomes based assessment of the CARE Team in order to evaluate functional effectiveness.
6. Meet with students to understand/address concerning student behaviors and to resource students appropriately.
7. Special projects as assigned by the Associate Dean of Students/Dean of Students, in support of faculty, resident, or student needs
8. Threat Assessment and management
9. Participate in DOS committees as assigned
10. Other duties as assigned