AGS Faculty and Student Services Coordinator

At Life Pacific College


Hours: Full-Time Non-Exempt

The purpose of the Adult & Graduate Studies (AGS) Student / Faculty Services Coordinator is to provide administrative support for Adult and Graduate students and faculty. This position serves the Academics departments by assisting the Director of Adult and Graduate Studies in the functioning of the AGS office, AGS faculty with their classes and questions, and current students with their program related needs.

 Reports to the Director of AGS under the oversight of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA).
 Assist the Director of AGS in planning the functions of services provided to students.
 Facilitate the online orientation of new DCP students.
 Facilitate the graduate program residency weeks at the San Dimas campus and other locations.
 Welcome new students to adult and graduate programs.
 Support retention of DCP and graduate students by tracking progress and providing encouragement.
 Coaching and supporting students towards successful completion of their study programs.
 Communicate teaching schedules and expectations to faculty.
 Assist AGS Director in training faculty in online instruction.
 Work with instructors to ensure course outlines are updated each class and contain all required elements.
 Review textbook choices with faculty and communicate textbook selections to Academics for updating in Campus Anywhere and MBS.
 Conduct course evaluation distribution, collection, & review.
 Assist AGS Director in evaluating and revising courses in conjunction with departmental faculty.
 Participate in departmental and programmatic assessment activities of the academic programs, courses, and student services including annual program outcome assessments and program reviews.
 Update relevant department procedure manuals and student handbooks.
 Communicate with Faculty Assistant for Online Learning to ensure management of the Moodle CMS for DCP and graduate courses, creation/copying of DCP and graduate course shells in the Moodle CMS, and enrollment of DCP and graduate students in their appropriate courses in Moodle.
 Complete other projects assigned by the Director and VPAA.

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