Director of Commuter Life

At University of Northwestern - St. Paul


Hours: 20 hours per week

This part-time (20 hours/week) position oversees services and programs to maximize growth in the lives of traditional undergraduate, commuting students. This includes both collective and individual attention to students’ overall well-being such that they are equipped to thrive and succeed, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Essential job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Provide leadership to the facilitation of Christian community that challenges and enables students to grow through integration of faith, living and learning.
Oversee, develop, and implement services and programs for commuting students that equips them for success at the university, giving special attention to unique needs and interests of the commuter student population.
Counsel students in the areas of personal growth involving academic excellence, spiritual formation, healthy interpersonal relationships, and civic engagement.
Participate with Student Life deans, directors, and managers in addressing student care and needs (including medical, emotional, relational, etc.), crisis intervention, interpersonal conflict resolution and mentoring. Partner with Student Life deans, directors, and managers, along with other campus services such as counseling and health, and Commuter Assistants in the on-going tracking and accountability/follow-up with student care and needs.
In partnership with other Student Life staff, actively pursue students who may be at risk for significant negative academic impact because of various life circumstances including mental, emotional and/or physical health needs in the collective effort to best resource them for academic success and personal wellness. Through one-on-one meetings, actively pursue students already determined to be at risk academically because of prior poor academic performance to both offer and reinforce relevant academic support services.
Coordinate the selection, recruitment, training, and evaluation of the student leader team of Commuter Assistants. Provide oversight through regular team meetings and one-on-one meetings.
In conjunction with the First Year Committee and in partnership with the Director of Student Programs, develop and implement programming for First Year commuter students.
Provide direct oversight of the Commuter Life budget.
Encourage participation in programming and events from all segments of commuter students.
Evaluate programs and services for effectiveness.
Participate in the development, promotion, and facilitation of seminars, workshops, and educational programming ensuring relevance to student needs, issues and concerns. Attend training sessions, staff retreats, and other relevant functions as requested by Student Life Deans.
Because our community is a significant part of our mission and the development of our students, all employees act as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ by actively partnering with the University to disciple students in growing intellectually and spiritually, and with Northwestern Media to lead people to Christ and nurture believers to mature in their faith.
Secondary job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Assist in developing team building, training and ongoing educational curriculum for all student leaders.
Partner with other staff in Community Life to support programs and events. Assist with department responsibilities as requested by the Dean of Community Life.
Participate as requested in the planning, coordinating, and operation of Student Life initiatives – such as student leader training and development, orientation/incoming student programming, Eagle Advising Days (registration days), etc.
Actively participate in designated committees, special projects, and activities.
Participate in Student Life initiated events. As much as possible, attend and promote university functions involving students (i.e. athletic events, chapel, concerts/recitals, and drama presentations).