Research & Reviews

Change or Die a Slow Death

By Jolyn Dahlvig

Christian Higher Education recently published an article reporting the findings of a CCCU/ACSD collaborative project to describe the form and function of today’s CCCU student affairs divisions (Dahlvig & Beers, 2018). In this article, I offer a personal story to illustrate the key study findings and offer three actions for your consideration. 

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Faith & Work

The Golden Circle Revisited: Start with WHOSE

By Ryan Erck

Rather than starting with WHY, starting with WHOSE can help us reframe the purpose and practice of our work.

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Resources & People

How to Unpack after a Conference

By Julia Price

If we do not unpack, we are likely to take only what we need at the moment, leaving valuable relationships and important ideas buried at the bottom of our conference tote bag.

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Best Practices

ACSD Conferencing Guide - 2018 Edition

By Eric Fehr

8 Helpful tips to get the most out of the ACSD conference experience.

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Resources & People, Conference

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Annual ACSD Conference at Biola University

By Kim Stave

Registration is open until May 15th, so there's still time to join us for this rich time of professional development and connection.

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Resources & People, Stories

Approaching Other Religions with a Neighborly Faith

By Kevin Singer

All of these exciting new experiences were accompanied by new questions that I couldn’t ignore. What did it mean for me, as an evangelical Christian, to enjoy learning about other religions and engaging with their followers?

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Current Issues, Stories

Student Development Responses to Campus Gun Violence

By Josh Roberts

Three ways that student development professionals can help care for and protect their campus.

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