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Mentoring in Higher Education and Student Development

By Josiah Hatfield

The university student has been learning inside the classroom since the beginning of higher education. There is no question that a student’s mind is stretched and molded in the classroom due to lecture, class discussion, or homework. Yet in order for students to succeed as whole human beings, students need additional attention and care outside of the classroom. Obviously, there are a number of practices that aid in helping a student to develop but this article will address some of the benefits and implications of mentorship. While having a mentor is certainly not a new idea, it has resurged in recent years in a variety of ways with a variety of results. Mentoring can happen in a number of ways, yet it almost always has a positive effect on the mentee, in both psychosocial and academic ways (Terrion & Leonard, 2007). Because such benefits can arise from mentoring programs, it is important that such programs are done well. While mentoring can have a significant impact on the student/mentee, when the student serves as mentor, there are also a number of positive outcomes on the student mentors’ development.

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