Monograph Series

The ACSD Monograph Series is distributed bi-annually at the summer conference.  In addition to the volume’s distribution at the conference, members of the party that prepared the manuscript are invited to give an overview of their findings during a general session of the membership. The monograph series provides the membership with an edited collection of research that systematically brings to bear a Christian mindset upon a challenge facing student affairs professionals.

While this research might focus upon the needs of distinctively Christian colleges and university campuses, the defining quality of the monograph series would be the way it utilizes Christian theological thought as a means of informing rigorous research.  As a result, volumes in this series would prove to be of interest to Christian student affairs professionals regardless of where they serve. 

Copies of past monographs are available to ACSD members by request. Members, please click here to request your copy.

The third volume in the series is in development. Perry Glanzer, Ted Cockle, Britney Graber, and Elijah Jeong are working on a new monograph tentatively entitled, Christ Enlivening Student Affairs: A Guide to the Best of Christian Student Affairs Thinking and Practice based on their empirical research on Christian student affairs. We look forward to this new volume and anticipate its release at the 2020 annual conference.