2019 Executive Committee Candidates

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President Elect/President


Kristy Morgan

ACSD is a network of Christian student development professionals who help to illuminate the opportunities unique to the settings and contexts of our positions, challenge the viewpoints that we bring to our work, inspire excellence in practice and research, and collectively shoulder the burdens of the work that we do. ACSD provided excellent opportunities and connections for me to find my footing as I re-entered Christian higher education after years in secular settings, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to ensure that it continues to be a source of hope, inspiration, wisdom, and biblical grounding for student development professionals at every level in the challenging times in which we serve. I will seek to empower members to serve in ways that develop them professionally and help to answer the questions and challenges about which we as Christians in Student Development care most. The core values that guide my own division at LeTourneau University are a shared belief that college changes lives, collaboration, and fun. If elected, those values will likely infuse my service as President of ACSD. MORE>


Brandon Skaggs

I am thankful for the strong legacy and foundation built by exceptional leadership and vision. My vision for ACSD builds upon what so many have already accomplished, and advances ACSD to be the national professional organization for Christians in student development within higher education. In order to accomplish this vision, ACSD must generate a greater national and regional presence as an active, forward thinking organization who provides relevant research and practical application. ACSD members must be involved on a local, national, and international platform to advance our cause of student development and our Christian Faith MORE>

Diversity Chair


Kevin Villegas

ACSD will be known for its commitment to excellence in embodying its mission. Within this, the Diversity Leadership Team will be acknowledged as an outstanding, collaborative resource whose sustainable efforts positively impact ACSD by encouraging and equipping members to demonstrate ongoing, constructive, and redemptive engagement with all facets of diversity—both within and beyond the organization. Our Diversity Leadership Team will role model authentic transformational leadership, integrating our Christian faith in the work that we do with and for each other, and for ACSD. MORE>

Business and Administrative Chair


Jason Stephens

My vision for the association is to be a place where all facets of student development professionals, whether new professional or senior-level administrator, whether you work at a faith-based school or public institution, can find support and encouragement. An association that provides scholarship and professional development focused on student learning and growth rooted within a strong Christian faith. My hope is to continue being a community that is both edifying and rejuvenating; where our diverse membership feels cared for spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. MORE>


Joe Wuest

I want to continue to help our association advance to where new and innovative practices are provided, new collaboratives are formed, new members from faith-based and non-faith based institutions join, and ample volunteer opportunity provided for those who want to get involved. This occurs when proper attention is given to the areas of business and administration. I desire to be provided the opportunity to serve ACSD on the Executive Committee and to begin collaboratively pushing us forward in new ways. ACSD is set-up to continue thriving and to introduce unique initiatives just waiting to be discovered and implemented. MORE>